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Just Like the Old Times

Source/ Author: Mrs. Nellie Susan Espiritu Gomera

Misamis University News

Each man by nature is a dreamer. Prior to his acts are thoughts that seek to be fulfilled and dreams that seek to be made concrete and real. The dream and the man go side by side – useless is one without the other.

The High School batch ’75 of Misamis Colleges, now Misamis University, had a two-day reunion at Loreto Beach Resort in Lupagan, Clarin, Misamis Occidental. It was held on April 23-24 of the current year. It was a dream that this batch longed for – the dream that became real. Prior to the date of the reunion, some of them had several serious meetings in preparation for the said event. God blessed their efforts because it came to reality. This reunion showed the constituents of Misamis University or even the whole of Ozamiz City that we can be united again after 36 years of our high school graduation in 1975.

On the first day of the reunion, the participants started to gather at 9:00 am in the chosen venue. Happiness filled everyone’s heart as they saw familiar faces and the smiles of their batchmates. There were tears of joy as they give each one sweet kisses and embraces. Each one was aggressive to share their life experiences after that tearful graduation way back in 1975. Everyone enjoyed the lively discussions and story-telling. The attendees came from different provinces in the country and even as far as the United States.

The event did not produce millions of pesos but it surely gave us memories worth remembering. We cried and laughed a lot, though a file of works awaits us. Well, that’s the way it is. Having an atmosphere of happy faces lessen the burden of our pending works, either in office or at home. Indeed the two-day reunion served as a refreshment for our bodies and minds.

During the duration of the event, delicious and unlimited foods were served just like in an “eat all you can eatery”. There were also drinks for everybody and also candies and finger foods.

To grace the occasion, some showed their moves and grooves in dancing while others captivated the crowd with their lovely voices as they sing. One has showed her magic tricks. The reward is, of course, the human satisfaction each one experienced.

There were parlor games in which everyone enjoyed. We acted like high school students. We’ve forgotten that we are already in our golden years. The clean water in the swimming pool attracts the oldies to have sleepless nights with former friends and classmates.

To highlight the affair, in the morning of April 24, we did some tour to our beloved Alma Mater. We were ferried to and from the venue by the driver of the school bus of Misamis University. We had a tour guide by the person of Jeric Difuntorum. Everyone was amazed by the physical improvement of the school. We enjoyed picture taking everywhere inside the school campus. The moments that we have spent in Misamis University during the tour are passing episodes of our life but they are worth remembering. It is a great treasure for all of us.

When we went back to the venue after the tour, we ate lunch together with our invited teachers, namely: Mr. Virgilio Ilagan, Mrs. Emma Ilagan and Mrs. Teresita Edmilao.

After having our lunch, a short program followed. Each of the teachers was given a token and a short message was delivered by yours truly as a tribute to them and as a way of recognizing that teaching is the noblest profession on earth.

No applause, however loud and long, can return measure for measure the dedication of man like what they have. Long live to all our teachers.

We had a short meeting after the said tribute. Each one was given a chance to rate the reunion from 1-10, and as expected, the rating is high. It was agreed by the body that the next reunion will be on Black Saturday and Easter Sunday of 2015. That means all of us have a great time to prepare for our second reunion. For those who did not make it to the event, I’m sure you missed one-half of your life.

We hope to see you in our next reunion.

A trip to Hoyohoy, Tangub City followed. Everybody enjoyed the trip since it resembles the sceneries in Baguio City. It was sponsored by the vice mayor of Ozamiz City, Roland E. Romero.

Parting time came – the bitter idea of departure from the venue. Departure is always painful. Painful that it must, every moment had to fly. We are like being in a crossword, puzzled as to what path to take or whether to go or not to go as well as to leave or just remain, but we cannot escape from this. We cannot hold back the hands of time and we must depart. It was a tearful moment for everybody. We felt the gnawing pain of parting from batchmates. But not for long. A smile returns to our faces because of the possible reunion again in 2015, that will be four decades after our high school graduation in 1975. We’ll see each other again.

As an extension of the reunion. On the evening of April 25, some of us visited our batchmate Paz Basmayor in her home in San Antonio, Gango, Ozamiz City. We were happy to see her again with a vision of strength and power in fighting for life. The batch ’75 has once again revived the spirit of unity and camaraderie among them. We never hesitate to show the world what we can do in our own simple way of paying a visit to our sick friend. We hope that we left a nice mark for achieving that level of well-being.

Before ending this article, a word of thanks should not be forgotten. Boundless gratitude is due to Honorable Vice Mayor Roland Empenado Romero. Thank you so much for being with us throughout the reunion inspite of your hectic schedules. Thank you for your cracking jokes that almost made us die of laughing. Thank you also for the free trip to Hoyohoy, Tangub City.

It is said that one engineers his own future. But he must not forget his roots – never to forget his Alma Mater. It would be very hard for us to forget the time we stepped our feet in M.U. This institution became the extension of our environmental chains and the supplier of our knowledge. Thank you Misamis University. Without you, we will not be as what we are now.

To Sir Virgilio Ilagan, Ma’am Emma Ilagan and Ma’am Teresita Edmilao, thank you for sharing with us the wonderful moments during the reunion. We hope to see you again in 2015.

To Jeric Difuntorum, thank you for being our tour guide to Misamis University. Thank you for the short-lived companionship.

Lastly, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the organizers of the reunion. And to all those who in one way or another contributed unselfishly to the success of our reunion, a thousand thanks to you. God bless us all till we meet again.

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